Who I am

Since I first came to Sardinia fourteen years ago, this magical island has never stopped surprising me. I fell in love with her immediately. As a member of a folk group (I play cello) for few years I traveled Sardinia all over. Driven by my curiosity and wonder in the end I came to know it well enough to become a professional tourist guide. I have worked as such for eight years.

If you choose to book a tour with me (you can do it directly or through the ToursByLocals site if you feel more comfortable having an agent), I will take you to secret Sardinian places as well as to it’s most famous resorts like Costa Smeralda. You will go with me to the primordial Sardinian forest in the mountains Gennargentu to join shepherds at their lunch or to an elegant winery to taste Cannonau – the most ancient European red wine. I can take you around the city of Alghero, sassari or Olbia or to discover the mysterious nuraghes – 3000 thousand years old mute witnesses of a forgotten civilization.

I’m open to your suggestions and needs. I operate mostly in the northern and central Sardinia but my license is valid on the whole island.

I do walking city tours (like Alghero, Olbia, sassari) and combined walking-car tours. I use my new Volkswagen Golf (up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids; air conditioning), and I’m able to make arrangements for any other size of vehicle up to a 55 seats coach.

My opinion is that to taste a place you don’t necessarily need go off the beaten track, but you need a chance to meet locals, talk to them, eat with them. You need time to sit in peace and observe the surroundings. Maybe sipping a glass of wine and listening to their stories.

Any tour I offer can be redesigned to meet your expectations or we can agree a completely new itinerary depending on your interests.

I’m a co-author of a guide about Sardinia; it was published in spring 2014 by a polish editor “Pascal”. I write articles for polish magazines and have a blog about Sardinia (in polish)..


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